Over the past 100 years, Blacktown City has been the proud home for many of Australia's great sporting champions and will no doubt be so for many more into the future. Our great City enjoys the full spectrum of sporting activities across all age groups and the representation of the more than 100 Nationalities that make up our multi-cultural community.

Boasting more than 800 Parks and Sporting Reserves, Blacktown City also has its own Olympic Park which is a magnificent legacy from the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The City also has many other world-class sporting and recreational venues.

  • Aerobics (Sport)

    Are you looking for an action packed, dynamic sport that is fast paced and is great for developing health and fitness? Sport Aerobics involves performing agile movement patterns to heart pounding music and is the perfect sport for active people with energy to burn.

  • Athletics

    Since 1972, little athletics has been active in Blacktown, it being one of the first Athletics clubs established.

  • AFL

    Local AFL had its beginnings in 1982 when people living in the Seven Hills area banded together to form the club because of their love for Australian Football.

  • Ballroom Dancing

    The Seven Hills/ Toongabbie RSL Youth Club Ballroom Dancing has been teaching dancing to children and young adults since 1975.

  • Baton Twirling

    Baton Twirling is a sport with a difference that combines various degrees and combinations of dancing, Gymnastics, hand / eye co-ordination and discipline depending upon the event and ability of the participant.

  • Baseball

    Starting with teams as young as Under 6 and modified versions, such as Blast Ball, Teeball, Machine Ball, Live Ball and evolving into full Baseball for U14’s and upwards.

  • Basketball

    Blacktown West Basketball Association and the Kevin Betts Stadiumare proud to host both senior and junior basketball competitions for the 2006 Blacktown Centenary Games. Up to 80 teams are expected to participate.

  • Boxing

    Boxing origins can be traced all the way back to 4000 B.C. and was practised by the soldiers of the Pharaohs. Boxing was also an event in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games since 688 B.C.

  • Chess

    For the past thirty years the Rooty Hill RSL Chess Club has been the main focal point for chess in the Blacktown Municipality.

  • Cricket

    Blacktown City and District Cricket Association commenced in 1981 as a Junior Association and 1982 as a Senior Association. Since its inception it has expanded to over 1500 registered players.

  • Cycling

    The Marconi Cycling Club has been operating in its present form since the late 1980s. Club riders have won State, Australian and World Championship titles & range from juniors to Masters, U/9 to 80+years.

  • Darts

    The main objective of the Mt Druitt Dart Club is to promote the playing of darts in the Blacktown area. As well as this they aim to create new friendship and hospitality to members, visitors and all visiting clubs.

  • Drag Racing

    Western Sydney International Dragway (WSID) is the product of a dream of the drag racing community in NSW for a permanent home fortheir sport. Since its opening over half a million fans have streamed through the gates.

  • Fencing

    Fencing has evolved over 800 years from a deadly combat to a complete sport. Now it is one of the most complete amalgamations of mind and body in the modern sport. Whether as a fitness regimen, a recreational hobby, or a serious competitive sport, fencing is suitable and will provide benefits for every person.

  • Go Kart & Super Moto

    Sydney┬┤s Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway is located 40 minutes from Sydney and is Australia┬┤s premier karting facility. It is undoubtedly one of the finest karting complexes in the world.

  • Golf

    The history of the Ashlar Golf club dates back to 1929 when an 18-hole course was opened with the name St.Andrews. It was re-opened in 1947 with the new name of Ashlar.

  • Hockey

    Hockey is great for developing your hand eye coordination, using a stick and chasing a small white ball on a very large field. The Kings Langley Hockey Club was started in 2009, with an under 11's and under 13s team in the North Area Junior Hockey competition.

  • Ice Hockey

    The Blacktown Ice Hockey club has been one of the most successful clubs in Australia to date. In the last 15 years it has produced numerous National Senior team players, as well as captains, and national youth and junior team players.

  • Ice Skating

    The Blacktown City Games Ice Skating Competition will have 2 parts, Artistic and Ice Dance. The event will be open to skaters from Pre Preliminary level and up

  • Indoor Rock Climbing

    Indoor climbing is a fascinating, fun and quick way to get fit. Apart from being a great aerobic workout, climbing develops strength, flexibility and is a great confidence builder.

  • Jamboree

    Beginning on Friday the 8th - Sunday 10th of September there will be a spectacular celebration of all that is outdoor adventure. The Jamboree will include presentations and events put on by the Australian Air League, Scouting NSW, the Australian Army Cadet Brigade and Guides NSW.

  • Judo

    Judo was founded in Japan,1882, by Professor Jigoro Kano who envisioned it as a modern way of becoming physically and mentally fit through disciplined training. Judo was the first martial art introduced into the Olympic Games (1964) and the Commonwealth Games (1990).

  • Lawn Bowls

    Historians suggest that the game of lawn bowls made its way across Europe with Julius Caesar’s Centurions, in the form of "Bocce". By the 13th Century, “bowls”, was entrenched in the British Isles.

  • Martial Arts Expo

    Martial Arts are alive and kicking in the Blacktown Local Government area. We currently have one of the most diverse ranges of Martial Arts available in Sydney, from Aikido to Yoga the Martial Arts Expo is the place for all you Martial Arts fanatics to be!

  • Model Car Racing

    Organised racing has been around since the early eighties, with many clubs throughout Australia. It has also attracted its share of international interest with Australia hosting two World Championship events in various classes.

  • Model Railway

    This club has been involved in several very successful Model Railway Exhibitions, including Penrith Panthers, which raised $35,000 for Children’s’ Cancer Research at the Westmead Children’s’ Hospital. This hobby is family orientated, educational and has many social aspects.

  • Netball

    Netball is one of the biggest sports played nation wide and there is 2 associations in Blacktown City and approximately 35 clubs within the Blacktown and Mt Druitt areas.

  • OzTag

    OzTag is a game designed to be the only true non-contact Rugby League.

  • Pistol Shooting

    Pistol shooting is a sport for the entire family, there are matches that require high physical fitness, speed and accuracy or matches that are slow, shot with only air pistols.

  • Push and Power Sports

    Push and Power is a wheelchair sporting Body, which invites both forms of wheelchairs, manual and electric, to compete in two organised competitions. This sport has been going for almost twenty years, providing valuable sports time for those that are often forgotten when it comes to sporting competitions.

  • Racquetball and Squash

    These three fun-filled recreational activities have been part of the Mt Druitt complex since its opening in the early 80’s. The facility houses the only Squash and Racquetball courts in the city council area.

  • Rugby Union

    Rugby in the City of Blacktown started in 1961 with the formation of the Seven Hills Junior Rugby club playing out of Best Road Reserve, Seven Hills. The Senior Club started in 1978 as Seven Hills Rugby Club. Both clubs changed their name to Blacktown Rugby Club in 1985 to reflect their positions as the premier Rugby Clubs in the City of Blacktown.

  • Skating

    Roller sports have existed in the world community for more than 100 years. The various branches of the sport have grown and become increasingly sophisticated since their introduction. The association was formed in the 1970’s in response to the growing demand for organised events within the roller skating community.

  • Soccer

    The Blacktown and Districts Soccer and Football Association Inc (BDFSA) was established in 1979 and now provides one of the largest Soccer structures in Australia. The BDFSA caters for over 7,000 players from kindergarten to adults, both males and females.

  • Softball

    On March 17 2006 the Australian 2004 Olympic Silver Medallists will take on the Bronze Medallists Japan in a five Test series. This action-packed competition will take place at the Blacktown Olympic park as part of the Blacktown City Centenary Games.

  • Swimming

    Blacktown City Swimming Club Inc. will host the Centenary Games and has a long and proud history of catering for swimmers who wish to swim socially or for those who wish to swim competitively. The Club was formed in October 1961 and has maintained a reputation as one of the strongest swimming clubs in the Cumberland District.

  • Table Tennis

    Table Tennis is one of the most popular sports throughout the world. Table Tennis is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games Sport and has World Championships every four years. It is one of the fastest ball sports and is highly aerobic involving speed, agility, reflexes, technique, skill and fitness.

  • Tennis

    In 2006, in conjunction with the BCC centenary, Blacktown Tennis celebrates 80 years of tennis in the Blacktown District. The Association boundaries were proclaimed by Tennis NSW, in the 1920’s when Blacktown and surrounds was little more than a rural outpost.

  • Ten Pin Bowling

    Bowling has a long, rich history and these days it is one of the most popular sports in the world for both young and old alike. Tenpin Bowling dates back to 5200 BC by the ancient Egyptians. AMF Tenpin Bowling Australia opened their first centre in Blacktown 40 years ago and its sister centre in Mt Druitt 20 years ago.

  • Touch Football

    Touch Football is one of the most widely played sports throughout Australia with competitions for both males and females. It is a low contact sport and can be enjoyed by people of all ages; this isn’t to say that high level skills aren’t involved!

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball’s beginnings occured at a YMCA in the USA in 1895, it was a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball. Volleyball was introduced into the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.